As landlord, we must ensure

you will receive written confirmation of your
booking by email

the accomodation agrees with the description on our

you will be informed of any important changes which
affect your booking

you are able to use
the cottage/apartment from 3 p.m. on the agreed day of arrival until 11 a.m. on
the day of departure, unless otherwise confirmed

When does my booking become

The lease becomes binding to both parties as soon
as the landlord has confirmed the booking.
Should you wish to make changes to the booking,
this must be communicated within 3 days after booking confirmation.

What rules apply if I want to change or cancel my

You must cancel your booking verbally or in
writing The cancellation becomes valid as soon as we confirm it.

– If you have booked a stay of 1 to 2 days, a cancellation or change of
booking is possible until 9 a.m. on the day before the agreed arrival date. You
have to pay a fee of 500,- SEK.
If you cancel after 9 a.m. on the day before the agreed arrival date, you will
receive no refund. This applies also to bookings made on the day of arrival.

– If you have booked a stay of 3 days or more and cancel or change the
booking up to 15 days before the agreed arrival date , you have to pay the
If you cancel or change the booking less than 15 days before arrival, you will receive no refund. This applies also to bookings
made on the day of arrival

What if something happens to me?

Should you wish to cancel your booking under the
following circumstances (provided that such circumstances were not known when
you made the booking):
~ death, illness or serious accident, affecting you personally, your spouse,
live-in partner, family or travelling companion
~ call-up to the armed forces or civil defence
~ the occurrence of a serious event outside your control which you could not
have foreseen at the time of booking, and which means that it would be
unreasonable to demand that you fulfil your booking. Such events include, for
example, fire or flood damage to your home.

Your payment will be reimbursed except for a fee
of 500 SEK.

You must produce a certificate, issued by a
doctor, public authority or insurance company etc., which confirms the reason
for your cancellation. You must submit the certificate to us as soon as
possible, preferably within a week of the cancellation date.

What are my rights?

You have the right to cancel the rental agreement
if the landlord does not provide the cottage/apartment in the promised
condition or at the right time.

If you do not wish to cancel the rental agreement,
you have the right to demand a reduction in rent from the landlord. Any
complaints must be communicated to the landlord as soon as possible The
land-lord must be informed of any complaints as soon as possible. Any faults
which occur during your stay should be reported immediately, to ensure that the
landlord has the opportunity to rectify them.

You have the right to transfer your reservation to
another person and the landlord must accept him/her unless there are special
grounds for refusal. In such an event, you must inform the landlord of the
change before the date of entry and a re-booking cost of SEK 250 will be

What are my

You must take good
care of the cottage/apartment, and follow all applicable rules, regulations and
instructions. You are personally responsible for any damage to the property and
its contents caused by your own negligence or that of a member of your party.

You must not use the
cottage/apartment for any purpose other that what was agreed to at the time of
the booking (normally leisure use) and you must not allow any persons over and
above the number specified in the booking to stay overnight in the
cottage/apartment or its grounds.

we´d like to wish you a wonderful stay in Grimsholmen.
We hope to fulfill your every wish!

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